Monday, August 09, 2010

Mt. Holly Shirts - Free! Send me shirts an a SASE (That's Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to You Whippersnappers)

Free* . . . *send me shirts and a SASE (That's a self addressed stamped envelope to you whippersnappers)

For those of you who missed the best Mt. Holly Days ever, shirts are still available. Send shirts and return postage to:

305 Holmes St S
Mt. Holly, Mn 55379

I'll screen batches of shirts once a month.

Be on the lookout for the real-world mapping project around these little red arrows that kicks off in October.

Check out the totally B.S. Chairman Mao / Mt. Holly hybrid that I had to screen for the LaMano overlord in the clothesline photo (above).


Anonymous said...

Are these shirts actually advertising a real place in Minnesota? If so that is crazy one city has a population of four! Are all these citizens living under one roof or am I being foold by some joke about a fake place? If this is real this has to be the smallest city in the world.

MayorMike said...
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MayorMike said...

It's a real place. Check out more here: