Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Sandwich Club

The sandwich must be altered from its natural state. Modifications to the sandwich must be obvious and should have no other purpose other than to prevent a smash. Foreign objects must be placed on top of the sandwich to constitute modification.

Modifications can not be tampered with by other players. Only an act of God, such as wind or earthquakes can remove a modification.

In the case of a sandwich cut in half, each piece must be modified. If the same object is covering both sides, that is OK.

Tampering with another players modification would break the Gentleman's Rule and would then result in a free double axe-handle smash.

*** A toothpick in a Club sandwich is not a modification. If you pulled the toothpick out and laid it on it's side, then it would be modified, as the tooth pick would have no practical purpose.

Don't click here: What is the Sandwich Club?

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Thanks, metafilter.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Kingdom of Redonda

From Wikipedia:

The history of the "Kingdom" of Redonda is shrouded in doubt and legend, and it is difficult to separate fact from fiction. According to one of several different versions of the story, Matthew Dowdy Shiell, a banker from Montserrat, claimed the island when his first son, Matthew Phipps Shiell, was born. Supposedly he felt he could legitimately do this, because it appeared to be the case that no country had officially claimed the islet as territory. Sheill senior also is said to have requested the title of King from Queen Victoria and as legend has it, she granted it to him as long as there was no revolt against colonial power. [1] However, the whole story appears to have originated decades years later with the son, known as M.P. Shiel, a fantasy and science fiction writer, and it is possible that some, or most, or possibly all of the story, may be pure invention.

In any case, again according to one version of the story, M.P. Shiel in later life gave the title, and the rights of his work, to the writer John Gawsworth, who seems to have sold the title several times, due to permanent bankruptcy. Gawsworth in turn is considered to have bestowed the title, and the rights to his and Shiel's work, to Jon Wynne-Tyson.

Tired of the problems of the kingdom, Wynne-Tyson supposedly resigned his title in 1997, when he decided to name Javier Marías as his successor (and bearer of the rights of the work of both Shiel and Gawsworth). Wynne-Tyson chose to do this because of the positive way in which Marías portrayed Gawsworth in his novel Todas las almas (published in English as All Souls).

Why do so many different people claim to be King of Redonda? Part of the incentive to be the recognized sole "King" of Redonda might be because of the rights to Gawsworth's literary sales, but a greater part of the appeal seems to be simply the lure of the fabled and ridiculous, and the joy of telling tall tales.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Electronic Labyrinth

Another busy day. Lots to report. First and foremost, the record-breaking time drought Mt. Holly is currently experiencing. Wish I had time to watch Lucas' award winning student film (the seed of THX 1138) this morning. The electronic chatter, the patina of outdated technology, the escape. Soothes my savage soul. Maybe tonight. MTH 1023, heading for the perimeter.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Porous Walker Interview at Fecal Face

Sorry, so busy the past couple days. Lots to post but no time. Check out one of my favorite new artists, Porous Walker. .

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

La Jetée:

This 1962 short film was the inspiration for terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys. Stunning!

From Wikipedia:

"La Jetée ("The Jetty") is a 1962 28-minute black and white science fiction film by Chris Marker.

It tells the story of a post-nuclear war experiment in time travel by using a series of filmed, i.e., optically printed, photographs playing out as a photomontage of varying pace with no dialogue and a narration consisting of a voice-over. It contains only one brief shot originating on a motion-picture camera. The stills were taken with a Pentax 24x36 and the motion-picture segment was shot with a 35mm Arriflex.[1] The film score was composed by Trevor Duncan.

In French, "jetée" means pier. When air flight was first introduced, airplanes would taxi up to a concrete walkway build onto the runway that was at the level of the entryway to the plane. As planes changed over time, airports were forced to change to moveable walkways and staircases to accommodate ever increasing diversity.

The title is also a near-homophone of "there I was" ("là j'étais")."

Watch it here before it goes away.

Thank you, Linda, for telling me about this film.

Mt. Holly on Viva & Jerry's Country Music Videos

Best State Fair ever! There I said it. Friday was an amazing day. Celebrity sightings were many. But the real highlight for me was being able to get a big thumbs up from Viva & Jerry of Viva & Jerry's Country Video fame. For those of you not from the Twin Cites Area. Viva & Jerry are local legends on Minnesota Cable access. For the past 10+ years they have brought great country music and joy to the airwaves. Keep your eyes open. They interviewed our fair city for an upcoming episode of their show. If you can't wait and need some Viva & Jerry now, Here's a taste:

Monowi, Nebraska (pop. 1)

From February 15th 2005 The Times Online article by Tim Reid :

"WHEN it comes to civic duty, few Americans can compete with Elsie Eiler. In Monowi, in northern Nebraska, she is the mayor, town clerk, town treasurer, town secretary, tavern keeper and chief librarian. When you are the sole resident of America’s smallest incorporated township — everybody else has either died or moved on — the competition for jobs is scarce.

Mrs Eiler, 71, whose husband died in 2001, halving Monowi’s population, runs the one business left in town, a low-slung roadside tavern. Last year she opened what has become the greatest source of pride for the town board — Mrs Eiler, that is — a tiny library, which was the dying wish of her husband, who was a farmer and an avid collector of books."

Read the entire article here

Mayor introduced to like-minded mayor. Alliance forged.

lounging in the apartment building hallway, going on the roof, sitting in window, playing with Moped

air freshener, the lid on the dry food tin, loud noises

Favorite Toy:
his own tail

Favorite Nap Spot:
in the loft

Favorite Food:
holistic wet food with gravy and homemade supplement powder topped with dry food pellets

meowing slow and loud, staying in any position you mold him into


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