Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Big Black Balls

Sorry for the header on this post, but in all honesty, that's what you are going to find at . Some amazing little applications here. Any of you who know me well know about my love of both innocent design and sci-fi. Put both of these together and you have the type of programming that Yugo Nakamura exhibits. Clean scientific representation of organic interactivity. Play around with this stuff. It seems so simple yet makes you shake your head - gravity, inertia, and reflexive reaction make you wonder why the rest of the web seems so static.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Jambo - Geographic Social Networking

Sign up, build your profile, log on, and connect with other users. Sounds pretty routine. The twist here is that the program will work whether you are on line or not, which allows users to peer-to-peer in places they normally couldn't, like on an airplane. I seriously don't understand how this can work, but I will try it. This was a big hit at this year' SXSW and has been written up all over the place so it must be legit. Sign up, let me know what you find and while you are at it, look for me: MayorMike.

HamburgerEyes DiversifEyes

Hey, Sack-tap! Have you checked out Hamburger Eyes lately? Well you should and get a subscription while you're at it. Check out F.A.R.T. (fideo audio research team) to catch the latest from the young peoples series Hamburger High, watch Ray get his ass kicked, witness proof positive that Bigfoot exists and raps, and submit your own videos for release on their upcoming DVD release. Also, check out The Pie for selected prints, currently amazing fiber based prints from Ted Pushinsky. While your at it visit The Blogg Pound for photoblogs featuring great shots like this one by Nacho Supreme.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Ahhhh. 1987!

Here we go. As if I didn't have too much on my plate. The Mayor's Office is open and I am longing for the simple days as an 18-year-old hoofing it to Ragstock on Washington Avenue in the spring sunshine and my only care was trying to figure out if Husker Du sold out and if they did, did that mean I was a sell out for loving this song.