Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Perfect Campaign

My buddy Todd Norem, called me a while back and asked me to update his online portfolio with some new work that he'd done. Two months later, I actually got around to looking at the files he sent me and I just about lost my shit. After finally updating his site (sorry, dude), I present you a link to the best ad campaign I've seen in a long time (click on the Ed navigation at the top). While your at it check out his blog Between The Grooves.


I am fucking old. MMR is 280 issues strong. MMRRadio just had their 1000th broadcast. And you know what? Nothings changed. Still true to the scene, still accessible, still punk. Congrats! If you aren't lucky enough to have an actual radio station that carries MMR, tune into their podcasts at the MMRRadio website or iTunes. If you do it soon enough you can still listen to the milestone 1000th show which is hella-rad, seriously.

Mt. Holly Citywide Garage Sale

Next Friday and Saturday August 8th & 9th 9:00am 6:00pm. Special earlybird specials Thursday night 7:00pm - 8:00pm for myspace folks.

Loads of stuff.

Vintage clothes, yeti scalps, hybrid animals, hj/bj/tj, board games, Jonathan Living Seagull record, tukes, canned foods, soviet cold-war secrets, a brick, the real Hope diamond, prosthetic limbs, old radios, bikes, chairs, free books, shrunken heads, matisses, picassos, hopes, dreams, genomes, baby clothes, toilet brush, giant sea monkeys, the jaws of life, deathrattles, cochina dolls, linaments and ointments, fireplugs, shellephones, enigma machines, golden fleeces (2 for 1), slaves, rubiks links (unsolved), spanish fly, kitchenware, nuclear secrets, taxadermy, personality inventories, anti-gravitational technology, doillies, traceless firearms and ammo - lots of ammo.

If you have anything you would like us to sell for you, price it, and drop it off.

Mt. Holly Community Center
305 Holmes St S
Mt. Holly, MN 55379

or call 612.804.9386

Straight from the Hashem's mouth

I could link to every article that Hashem Bajwa posts to his blog or just send you right to the source – Brain Sells. I met Hashem while working out at Goodby Silverstien & Partners. What he does there is nothing short of visionary. Seriously, I can't put any other title to him. If there is something evolutionary happening to the medium or the message he is on it. Want a peek into the future? <Link>

You bring me joy