Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The New Frontier - Department of Defense Family Shelter Designs from 1962

I'd really like to find some mid-century purists out there who bought a house complete with its own bomb shelter. Or even better, a homeowner who built their own to complete the clean, cool, cold war experience. If you are an aspiring mod freak of the latter, perhaps you could use some plans. Here they are:

Family Shelter Designs from the Mt. Holly Civil Defense Flickr set

Stumbling across a stockpile of late 50's / early 60's (much of it annotated by the previous owner) CD documents at a recent estate sale, made me remember this great Donald Fagen video from 1983. Oh, the innocence. The intimacy. The Miro, The Gene Deitch. Seriously, you provide the fallout protection, I'll provide the Manhattans. Invite me over... before it's too late.


Unknown said...

More bomb shelter loving from that gem of a movie "Grease 2" -- Let's Do It For Our Country

Joshua (The Netherlands) said...

No Man!
..Just make one at my place..

..Don't forget ya tools :-)


Tammy Dahlke said...

thank you steve! i was just about to also state that same comment, that they stole this from grease 2. one of my fav movies from my childhood, even though it's absolutely horrible.

Unknown said...

My house does have a real bomb shelter, way more intense than the one pictured. I live just outside of Washington, DC, and the guy that lived in our house in the 50's was a bigwig in the presidential administration (Harold Stassen was his name).

Unknown said...

There's no lights in there. The opening is maybe 6 inches across. How does the mother have enough light to read by.

And they're in a bomb shelter during a supposed nuclear attack. There's no way any kid is that calm.

Jon Bruce said...
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Jon Bruce said...

Any chance you could make the series downloadable or put it in a PDF.

It is awesome.

I have nightmares about the CD books my parents had around the house when I was a kid.

MayorMike said...

Certainly. I'll post a PDF version later tonight. Great Idea.

MayorMike said...

got sidetracked getting ready for the Mt. Holly Film Festival today. Will post it up in the next week. Promise.

Anonymous said...

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