Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wild Combination - Arthur Russel

The DVD for Wild Combination just became available yesterday. I'm pretty excited to see this film which up til this point has had very limited showings.

Arthur Russell was first and foremost an absolute perfectionist. His primary passions were his voice and his cello, but he forayed into many musical styles. People keep talking about the timelessness of his music and influence. It's not surprising that something so saturated and honed by one man's emotion should be timeless and beautiful. It's also not surprising that that immense attention, could cause someone to retreat deeply into themselves.

An Iowa farmboy; devoted Buddhist; and contemporary of David Byrne, Phillip Glass, Allen Ginsberg; Russell provided Sire Records with their first disco single in 1978. But, what really strike me are his minimal private pieces, just he and his cello, like Terrace of Unintelligibility :

YouTube video (part 1)

YouTube video (part 2)

There's a great interview with director Matt Wolf and the trailer clip over at Fecal Face

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