Monday, November 17, 2008

Ape Lincoln

An amazing costume from one of my cryptozoologically aroused friends here in Minneapolis, Rob Franks. Hearing him tell the story of this 30 year dream come true is incredible. You find yourself alongside a young franks sitting agape in a dark movie theater as simian hordes on horseback harvest feral humans. You share the immence teenage yen for thousands of dollars of Hollywood caliber prosthetics and makeup. You shudder with a full-grown Franks as he clicks the purchase button, closing the deal on an unbelievable $45 worth of foam and latex, that turn birng his dream into reality.

From Rob's Blog: Blogfoot

There you have it. I really enjoyed doing it, as "Planet of the Apes" has been an obsession of mine since I was a wee lad. And the pieces moved really well together - I was able to drink many beers easily (using a straw), and even managed to eat nachos and two corn dogs. And undergoing this whole process, which allowed me to accurately duplicate something that landed with a thud in my young brain and never left, cemented a certain thought in my head. And that thought is this:

The world has never been in a shittier state, but it has never been greater, either.

What I mean by that is: War, famine and strife seem to be our constant companions. Our economy is in the crapper. Weather systems grow increasingly more extreme, harsh and destructive. Greed runs rampant and colors our every move, and our government rushes to bail-out bankers who made stupid decisions of their own accord while the ranks of the homeless, unemployed and uninsured swell. And yet - I can click a button on my computer, and for a mere $45 someone will mail me a foam facial appliance of a chimpanzee that utilizes the same technology that somebody used to win an Academy Award with back in 1969. Amazing.

Getting in touch with your inner chimp from Blogfoot.

Ape Lincoln
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