Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Patterson lied about being a liar.

With all of the recent press surrounding the BFRO's bigfoot activity in Michigan, I think it advisable to revisit the continuing debate into the validity of the legendary Patterson footage which turns 40 years old on October 20th.

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Anonymous said...

several years ago the media somehow confused hoax revelations regarding the loch ness monster with the patterson bigfoot footage.
bfro has a lengthy explaination of this.

my understanding is that neither patterson nor grimley ever strayed from their original stories, even until their deaths.

we discover new species more frequently than people realize. gorillas were also a wild myth until they were officially discoverd in the 1800s.
to think it would take an extra 100 years to discover an ever rarer and reclusive animal in north america seems sensible to me.

it's not often that humans spend much time in truly remote areas- like a full day or two's walk from any road... that slows down the discover process quite a bit as well.
intersting stuff. i'm a 95% believer, and it seems science is starting to back much of this up.