Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Cramps -Live at Napa State Mental Hospital 1978


Anonymous said...

reminds me of this clip. . . unknown metal band plays for very animated group of mentally disabled adults.


the_management said...

Reminds me of a (possibly apocryphal) Lux Interior story: Someone once threw a sneaker on stage, hitting the singer square in the head. He picked up the shoe, filled it with red wine, and drank it right down.

Now that's class.

Phillip said...

Have you seen this-


It's a recreation of the Cramps' show.

Unknown said...


Reading the lengths the team went through to recreate this moment is mindblowing.

Anonymous said...

that Lux Interior/sneaker story reminds me of a similar story involving Kurt Cobain: the sneaker hit him, he tried to call out whoever threw it, no reply, he turned around on stage and filled it with urine, left it near the side of the stage for the owner to come get it later.

Perhaps these are all just urban myths, though I recall reading the Cobain story in a reputable source.

Anonymous said...

here from boing, boing.

fascinating clips.

Ch. said...

@the management


There is the said clip of Lux drinking what looks like beer from a shoe (around the halfway mark).

Anonymous said...

I was in the audience for that show.