Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Mac Dawg - Free CD from Mt. Holly Municipal Records

I first met Mac Dawg outside the Capital Theater in Olympia Washington shortly after we both arrived. He from Kent, Washington (an outer ring suburb of Seattle), me from Minneapolis, Minnesota (an outer ring suburb of Mt. Holly).

Here was this dude who looked a bit like Paul Shafer in a tie die carrying a tape case on which he had drawn a ghetto blaster and a piece of corrugated cardboard advertising "Will freestyle on any topic 25¢ " I gave him 75¢ to rap about the girl I was with, Pizza Hut, and Moby Dick which he did, flawlessly. I bought a couple of the tapes he was selling from his own label, Krazed Up Records.

Read more and download here: Mt. Holly Municipal Records

More recent jams on MySpace, YES!

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