Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hank's Summer Sale Mailer - 1957


Discovered a stack of these old Hardware Hank Summer Sale Mailers sitting on the overwhelmed checkout counter at the Waterville, MN Hardware Hank.

I particularly like this rendition of the Hardware Hank character. He looks alot wiser and handy than the neutered later (through current) baby-faced checkout-boy they have employed as a mascot. "Hey, boy, how about showing me fewer teeth and more smarts about straightening or replacing this fan blade?"

On our visit, Autumn and I also found plenty of neat old stock amidst the packed from floor to ceiling shelves. We left with some camping fuel, a battleship-strong Swing-a-way™ can opener, a skeleton toy and the mailer.

What was even cooler than this nifty old advertisement? We've been to many a hardware store where the staff takes interest in you because they are paid to. We've been to others where the advice is handed down from a pulpit. The Waterville Hardware Hank store is still run by the Jacobson family, a family who has handed down more thna just a business. They were welcoming, interesting, smart, and absolutely love what they do, helping people, and it shows. Long live the family store.

View the complete 1957 Summer Sales Mailer.

Don't miss the fabulous insecticide spread on page 22.

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