Friday, September 17, 2010

Digital Photography is Dead! - New Vivitar Film Camera Commercial

Thanks to @benhedrington who caught this on late night TV IN THE PAST WEEK!

Digital cameras take good pictures. The problem is your photos end up staying on the camera, or you are forced to sit at your computer to see them.

Looks like the folks at Vivitar are squeezing the last drops of blood out of this withered industry . . . Plus, a free roll of film!

(Don't get me wrong, I still do shoot some film. However, I choose film in these instance because of the difficulty and care involved, not because it is easier or frees me up from all the cables, confusion and costly home printing.)


Unknown said...

you can still send digital images to a professional photolab and get the right prints.

Vivitar must try harder next time :P

Anonymous said...

Now if only film had a safe long term storage format that was safe from software change and hardware failure... oh... wait :)

Amanda said...

And safe from fire and water damage, right Anon?