Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Meet the Salesmen.

Jesus Christ, do I love movies like this one. Movies that capture, nakedly, in near Weegee-like bravado, the atmosphere of an era through voyeuristic glimpses into the actual daily life and flow of dialog of its subjects. I relish the background signage, the homemakers details, but most of all the directness of interaction that existed in pre-popculture America, (yes, this did still exist in the majority of the country in 1968). This little taste, via baseball and film aficionado, writer / journalist and Loafers Tower custodian, Peter Shilling, Jr. introduces you to the 4 main Salesmen, their methods, and the general milieu for this great documentary. A real life Glengarry Glen Ross.

More about Salesman from imdb.

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edgertor said...

my pal in the Danielson Famile wrote a song and an onstage skit/gimmick just bc of this movie. he loves it.