Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Walk On By - Issac Hayes

There are somethings that make me feel alright. Deep cloudy rain. The camera work in High Noon. Late 60's through early 70's variety show stage design. And the non-blacksploitation songcrafting of Issac Hayes. All of these came together, this rainy Tuesday morning, when one of my favorite designers, Josh Leutz tweeted:

The license plate of the Chrysler First Avenue in front of me last night: BLKMOSES.

Which sent me into youtube land where I was met with this video. Thanks Josh.


Unknown said...

Happy to be the final piece in your puzzle. Good shit. Speaking of Isaac, Escape from New York was on the other night and damn if I didn't get sucked into the whole thing. Again. The Duke of New York. Hell yes.

MayorMike said...

Thanks again, blood.