Thursday, August 20, 2009

Please vote for one of my presentations to be accepted to SXSW

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Presentation 1: Lessons Learned from Failed Utopias & Surviving Micronations.

Take a historical and cartographic trip around some of the world's smallest and strangest communities. While, it takes little more than inspiration to establish one's own little nation, no man is an island. Discover the importance of forging alliances, embracing technology, nurturing commerce and making the most of your resources.

Presentation 2: In this Economy, Innovation is the Key

With clients pinching pennies and pulling their heads into their shells over emerging media, agencies need to grow their relationships with their producers, technologists, and media experts to evolve their campaigns and selves. The evolution of technology is not slowing down, but accelerating in spite of the economy. You can, too.

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