Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cardic & Co. - Olde Frothingslosh & More

With my impending trip to Steeltown, I've been digging around for more background on Olde Frothingslosh, the most treasured of all cans in my beer can collection.

It turns out that Olde Frothingslosh was a seasonal variation of Iron City Beer that was created in collaboration with local radio personality Regis Cordic.

From wikipedia:

One of Cordic's most memorable running gags at both WWSW and KDKA were fake advertisements for "Olde Frothingslosh", "the pale stale ale with the foam on the bottom." The beer was supposedly brewed by Sir Reginald Frothingslosh at Upper Crudney-on-the-Thames. In 1955, Pittsburgh Brewing Company began issuing special Christmas-season cans and bottles of Olde Frothingslosh filled with real beer. The humorous labels changed every year and became favorites of collectors. The brewery released new editions of Olde Frothingslosh even after Cordic left Pittsburgh, continuing until 1982 and then reviving the brand in 1998, and more recently in 2007 (currently available).

Rege had a great sense of humor and style.

Olde Frothingslosh beer bottle labels
Olde Frothingslosh cans
Read Thud, The Magazine of Brick Throw

(Methinks the editor of the Mt. Holly Register needs to step it up a bit.)

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Roger C. said...

Used to buy (and drink) this brew while living in Northern Oklahoma circa 1979.