Friday, December 19, 2008

The Unknown Comic.

Ah, the pun-tastic humor of the Unknown Comic. Originally, Murray Langston, a comedian who fell on hard times. When life handed him lemons, he put them in a shopping bag!

From Wikipedia:

"Langston also invested in a nightclub restaurant called "SHOW-BIZ", but the club closed within two years, taking his savings. Strapped for cash, he accepted an offer to appear on The Gong Show. However, he was reportedly embarrassed about appearing on the show, so he put a bag over his head, memorized a few old jokes, and became "The Unknown Comic". The character was a hit, and soon developed a cult following, appearing on more than 150 Gong Show episodes. Soon, he was appearing regularly in Las Vegas and made the rounds of many popular talk and variety shows."

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lovely person.