Monday, November 26, 2007

Albert, TX (pop.4) Sold to the highest bidder

My pal, Brian sent me a notice this weekend that a small town in Texas was just sold on ebay for 3.8 million dollars to a non-disclosed Italian investor. Shame on you Albert, Texas. Or more truthfully, shame on you Bobby Cave, who turned a community into a commodity rather than plant his feet in some good earth, shaded by a 400 year old tree, and own a little piece of this earth that he could truly call his own. You can catch a glimpse of Mr. Cave in this little video.. Warning: The video is appropriately sponsored by Blackberry: The pacemaker of choice for American douchebags. He's the tool, I mean "project oriented guy" in the cashmere v-necked sweater being interviewed over a couple of Grey Goose gimlets in a posh fucking cougar hangout, probably in LA. Sorry if I seem a little bitter about this transaction, but this short sightedness that abounds in our civic planning and spoiled-child real estate market is really starting to bring me down. I'm sure Mr. Cave is no less despicable than the rest of the speculators out there who have helped move this country, it's people, and our relationships to the world and each other away from creating permanence and meaning. Thnaks Brian, and happy Monday! Long live the disposable commodity. CNN Link here.

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