Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Sandwich Club

The sandwich must be altered from its natural state. Modifications to the sandwich must be obvious and should have no other purpose other than to prevent a smash. Foreign objects must be placed on top of the sandwich to constitute modification.

Modifications can not be tampered with by other players. Only an act of God, such as wind or earthquakes can remove a modification.

In the case of a sandwich cut in half, each piece must be modified. If the same object is covering both sides, that is OK.

Tampering with another players modification would break the Gentleman's Rule and would then result in a free double axe-handle smash.

*** A toothpick in a Club sandwich is not a modification. If you pulled the toothpick out and laid it on it's side, then it would be modified, as the tooth pick would have no practical purpose.

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1 comment:

Tammy Dahlke said...

funny you should put this on your site today, as yesterday i finally emailed kurt to update jackson's and my stats. i'm at 16 smashes! i'll catch up to you yet!