Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dave Zadra and Karl Bilda: Freak bikes

Any of you living in the Mt. Holly area are sure to recognize theses two garage goofs. The photos shown here are taken from a shoot for the Monster Nation program on the Discovery Channel. Dave on his Steam Bike and Karl on his Track Bike raced against The Rocketman's Rocket Bike for this episode. Karl passed away a few years back. I'm hoping to track down some of his amazing vehicles and to interview Dave in the upcoming weeks. Anyone reading this who can help with photos or the episode of Monster Nation these two were on. It would be much appreciated.

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Unknown said...

For Marty's wedding back in 2001, Dave and Karl built Marty a motorized pit bike for their wedding gift. They brought it right in to the ballroom during the reception and everything. Of course, it was started up and the ballroom was fogged with the blue exhaust fumes from the bike. Can you say, "Redneck Wedding?" Ha ha ha