Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bullitt - Car Chase Map

Utilizing Google's new My Maps tool I created this map of the locations and routes used in the world's greatest car chase. view the map

A special tip of the hat to Ray Smith who did all the legwork nailing down this route as well as some other great road trips - Link


The Flip Flop Girl said...

I love the totally rad story about your town but I really couldn't get over your Bullitt post. Very cool. I hope to view more amazing insanity from you.

Unknown said...

Thanks, here's a note that Ray Smith sent me about his researching the route. It's very sweet.

We did have fun scouting the chase locations as they were a mystery
since I live in Southern California and only know the city from frequent business trips years ago. At one point I was standing in the middle of the street to get a shot and a San Francisco cop stopped me and asked what I was doing. When I told him he said he was a Bullitt fan too and he and his partner
stopped traffic so I could get the shot without getting run over.

What is amazing is that with the exception of the movie locations in
the Embarcadero section of the city, very little has changed. Trees have either grown or been cut down/trimmed, but otherwise it's like walking back into the movie.

There are actually people who have printed out my web site and charge
tourists money to follow the chase route and visit the other locations
from the movie (which was shot entirely on location, there were no studio

Thanks again for the note!

Phillip said...

For fun, try to trace the route of the chase in "The Rock" (an almost infinitely inferior movie). At least part of it occurs in San Pedro, which is in L.A.! For a more geographically consistient chase, see "Gone In Sixty Seconds (1974)"

Unknown said...

Gone in 60 is so incredible. 40 minute car chase! Caddie Dealership. Nobody wins. I love it. It's on dec for the next map. I'll have to try to attach some actual clips to that one.

John said...

Thanks to your map (and Google Street View), I think I've figured out where Bullitt 'hid' in the movie - he must have gone left into Peralta, and not right again into York like the hoods did, and stopped in the dip that's out of sight. It's bothered me for years!