Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Jambo - Geographic Social Networking

Sign up, build your profile, log on, and connect with other users. Sounds pretty routine. The twist here is that the program will work whether you are on line or not, which allows users to peer-to-peer in places they normally couldn't, like on an airplane. I seriously don't understand how this can work, but I will try it. This was a big hit at this year' SXSW and has been written up all over the place so it must be legit. Sign up, let me know what you find and while you are at it, look for me: MayorMike.


Danny R. Faught said...

Hi, Mayor Mike. I just saw you online on Jambo and followed the link to your blog.

The offline stuff is "Proximity mode", which sets your WiFi device to seek other other computers instead of hotspots. Cool stuff, though not many people use it because you have to think to put it in Proximity mode when you're not in the Internet. I can testify that it does work on airplanes. Listen carefully during the next safety demonstration - the flight attendents can't seem to agree on whether you're supposed to turn off the WiFi device. :-)

-Danny (Jambo's chief software demolition specialist)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Danny. This is super cool! I'm going to test it out tonight on my flight back to West Mt. Holly.