Monday, August 27, 2007

Proof: Nothing exciting ever happens in Winnipeg

Todd MacNamerra spent the entirety of his 10 block trip on Winnipeg's Provincial Transit Bus Route 17 shouting, "Holy Shit. This is unfucking believable! Oh my God, Oh my God!"

It is still unknown what MacNamerra found most amazing:

1. It only costs a twoonie to get from his house to the Tim Horton's!

2. Bright colors of fiberglass seating!

3. 23 people in one car! 23 people in one car!

In other news, The White Stripes play on Winnepeg bus while MacNamerra loses his shit over the fact that his transfer also includes his trip home from Tim Horton's.

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Tammy said...

i was dying laughing at your post!