Monday, May 04, 2009

Art Boat Party! Creative Electric SS Infinite Regress Opening

Safe House Boat
Originally uploaded by jennysalmela

For all of you artsters who will be looking for a relief from being packed into small studios in former grain silos, feed mills, and casket factories during this year's Art-a-Whirl. Take a break down at the river with the Creative Electric crew aboard their floating artscape!

Here's the skinny:

Creative Electric Studios to launch SS Infinite Regress during Art-a-Whirl 2009

DATES: May 15-May 17th
Bands / Dancing /special events at dusk on Friday and Saturday

LOCATION: Behind the Sample Room ( 2124 Marshall Street NE, MPLS) on the Mississippi River

Creative Electric Studios pulled the Safe House Boat into drydock over the winter and after extensive modifications the boat will be rechristened SS Infinite Regress and launched this May in time for Art-a-Whirl.

The public is invited to experience the infinite finite space inside the SS Infinite Regress. Visitors will be asked to don sterile white suits upon boarding. Once suited up visitors will be allowed entry to the bridge. Films will be projected and reflected through a series of glass mirrors onto the white suits, making them both the observer and the observed.

The design of SS Infinite Regress was predicated on this principle:

Infinite regress: in a series of propositions arises if the truth of proposition P1 requires the support of proposition P2, and for any proposition in the series Pn, the truth of Pn requires the support of the truth of Pn+1. There would never be adequate support for P1.

in other words ...

"an attempt to solve a problem which re-introduced the same problem in the proposed solution. If one continues along the same lines, the initial problem will recur infinitely and will never be solved. Not all regresses, however, are vicious."

Other christening ceremony events include:
Floating musical performances by White Map, Allison Lebon (of The Owls), Gay Witch Abortion
plus Modern Dance performances
(events subject to change)


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